winning … (something to consider )

for the cause, its for the F*ing cause I say. How spent we most are after the day … on the plantation. To such an extent we find ourselves doing nothing when we are again “freed” .  Amazingly we work so efficiently and diligently while “on the clock”. And we dedicate not even a few hours to our own personal growth ( besides a pay check ) . So the plantation gets “the butter from the duck” as they say – how are we ever to escape at this rate my kin ? Something drastic must occur – something shocking and shattering . I vow to never NEVER give my energy away like that. Over the last few days I have done a lot of “foundational” things . I’ve turned my shed into a spiritual shelter, where I can go to think – build – grown – relax in peace & quite. This is beyond important, a study if you will. I worked with my cousin on a few project and connected with a few other brothas who are plotting an escape from the plantation. This is all going down – there is progress ! I am building with powerful thinkers and men/women of action who build things . Indeed winning !

– St


~ by BE LIKE WATER on November 13, 2012.

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