many things …

When I pieced it all together it was as if a great dispair had been lifted . An invisable yet real  boulder had taxed heavy on the sholders making the act of even moving a hard fight. Many refer to this time as the dark night of the soul and having crossd it – wisdom was born. I salute who ever learned the game without nearing on the edge, wisdom does not have to result from suffering always. SALUTE

Firstly to  the ongoing subject of “others”. As it were, our identity is a reflection. We knew no better so our environment had free reign on our molding. Call it rearing or handleing or guidance any of those catch phrases. They all mean that others had a hand in who we would eventually become. Slogans like “blame the parents” go here, walk with me…

I’m not interested in blame, my heart is forever in seach of freedom – and one of the greatest freedoms along the way is the freedom from the harsh opinions of others. As stated above – out the gate we are subjected to others in an unregualted way. At some point we reach a  cross road , to become that which has been projected for us. The life of a slave, or to reach our fullest potential  – truth is most will never unfold. In passing just a few minutes ago I hear on the radio news of a tripple murder. The details were that bodies had been discovered in house folded up in a closet and children were involved ( more on this )  – I think, how is it tollerated that the first news in the day as we are prepare to handle bussines in this world violence – killings, just plain sickness. Then another observation is made, it goes like this. People enjoy the sh*t thats why its on the radio – if it weren’t the case they wouldnt broadcast it. The truth of all truths is that all aound us is unhappiness. Discontentness abounds to such an extent that people take solace in the misfortunes of they’re neighbor. Ignorant MF’s

Its an obvious fact i’m not imparting anything new here but the ramifications are vast. Once you know this it becomes obvious why celebrity gossip for an example is this popular. How nourishing to watch someone famous fall from grace isnt it. Our lives don’t appear as dull then. I have to thank god for my grandma right here. I know its kind of random but F conventions. I wrote  before on how I use to take electronic apart when I was small. And how many adults in my family got on me about it. Now, come to think of it – my grandma actually would bring old terminal computers home for work and while they were useless without being connected to a mainframe computer. It was fun seeing what was under the hood – why kill the natural sense of wonder in children. When something tragic happens to a child we become incensed understandably so. But we should become equally and even all the more so angry at the pervasive smothering of the innate sense of wonder children posess. Instead they are molded like little investments and more often that not they are accidents tolerated rather than loved – this is true not as according to me.

Knowing this how could we give a F about the harsh opinions of other knowing they are whacked – driven by fear and greed. Still there is no harm in compassion as I too was once lost. Finally and most importantly of all – the correct way to govern myself  with others is with “nutrality” . People are not friend’s or foe’s, besides we aren’t looking for everyone we come across  to “like” us in this game. Neediness causes antagonism towards people, nothing more. Rememeber all is a reflection so what is projected is reflected. Others become tenese when we are tense unfriendly when we are unfriendly and so on – whatsoever you are you will always find – that’s the game. And this has been “many things” – SALUTE

– ST

~ by BE LIKE WATER on November 14, 2012.

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  1. nice. like kapuscinski’s “the others”

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