think of it

Hitler hated the Jews because they were smart wealthy and winning . He persuaded “others ” to hate them too, to such an extent they saw fit to kill them all.  Hitler blamed the Jews for all the ills of Germany when in all actually they were winning, productive members of German society. It was really jealousy, beneath it all covered over with insanity. This goes for you. When you do great things people will want to kill you – they want to see you fall – so don’t be surprised. Don’t be taken aback  at the outright Witch-hunt that will ensue .

Based on the mental setup of the masses it is the natural course of action. Our leaders thrive on negativity, without which there would be no war. Politicians aren’t your friends . They always have a looming war to pitch . But the rich don’t fight in  wars. They have far too much to live for. No ,they send the poor & frustrated to die for them so it necessitates a general climate of smothered rage. America could not defeat the Vietnamese, why not we had superior weaponry. It was because they had less to live for there will never be america suicide bombers or kamikaze pilots in the game – you can bet on it. Yet and still we can be coaxed into killing others in far far away places – and get this , its to protect freedom. I greet the world with neutrality even with openness but I know how the game goes and move preemptively.


– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on November 16, 2012.

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