F*uck YEAH ( scientific battle ) …

F*uck YEAH ( scientific battle  ) …

OK so I “prevailed” ( ? )  over the “forces of evil” ( wicked ! )  – count it – 1  / nil – ST. Not only did I defeat my foes who tried with every inch to murk me on the plantation. I now have silenced the tactless questions that followed me. Now my own propaganda virus is propagating – ergo the new found silence on the battle field i.e. the cotton field  ( finally ! ) .

Now just say I were “REALLY” caught pants down watching porn in the office as the rumor of what happened goes.  What’s the big F*ing deal – these puritanical MF who are we kidding here. We are in a country where viagra commercials air during religious TV “programming” so WTF . The most sexually repressed guilt stricken lot on the planet and possibly in the universe – yes misery loves company. How religion permeates the sphere and the way people put up a front like they are so F*ing pure – right here “reeks” of purity for certain.

A billion wicked thoughts ( the book )  read and see –  don’t take my word for it –  “the puritans”. Why are allegations of a sexual nature the silver bullet to destroy a person in this society anyway  ? The way that sex is so hyped up in this country isn’t it contrary – isn’t it counter intuitive that – then again with nakedness being a sin says holy writ – it’s no wonder. So right –  I was watching Vickie6 do her thing while on the plantation right ? AND the point is ? …

Anyway not to toil over this bullsh*t but  I have to salute myself.. People who are jealous of the gods relish any opening to throw shade on you buy they are inferior in spirit so it is meaningless. Mentally toughness preparedness my kin – knowledge of self – “doing the work” .  No subliminal forces can fade  us . And I had no internal support – the general climate was against me – which explains why rumors were blatant lies in the wild.

Now you may be experiencing war of some sort on the plantation and I am no “master”   but check it.  Do anything to WIN possible –  to hell with “rule”, do anything to win ANYTHING – don’t go in there on some moral high ground sh*t  – they are  betting on that.  And usually they are coming at you from a below the belt attack anyway – ,murk them first . You do not owe your enemies a fair 1,  no F*ing way – deal with them scientifically.  You will discover  new vulnerabilities in the enemies armor when you   attacks outside the box of  so called “fairness”  ( use magic ) . At home be spiritual in the world be scientific – nuke the target LOL  – salute!.

– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on November 20, 2012.

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