Jolly Adventure ( start anew ) …

F this I said thousands of years ago (exaggerating ) . What in the F* I exclaimed – let me think! Church – I hated church, our Sunday school teacher was the mail man by day and ghost story teller on Sundays. I still greet the man in his old age and suffering from cancer I am still taken aback because I remember him asking me flat out if I believed in god – putting me on the spot in the lot – I said NO and he said he was going to talk to my parents . Why won’t they allow children to inquire for themselves organically? Instead everybody from pamphlet pushing storefront prophets to the dealer on the corner  rocking a  iced out jesus piece are claiming “god”.  It is natural that eventually we start to ask the big questions but before we have a chance to we are fed from the troth. And we wonder why people feel so empty and seek the cure outside of  themselves. Stay in my lane ? What you mean – everyday I must  interact with religious parrots who had no experience of they’re own yet proclaim religiosity. Lets just say no one was taught religion – you think the world would be any worst than it is F* out of here… Most of the bloodshed through the ages ( you can finish that sentence THANKS ) …

The jolly adventure – so what harm is there in rediscovering a basis from which to orbit. Reformatting if you will, in computer argon.  Upgrading our mind OS as it were. We are creative and we are strong so there is no F*ing need for poverty i.e. “brokenness” nuh . Being penniless in fact   signifies ignorance nothing more – nothing to do with “them”. Was that statement hyperbole F * does it really matter – its true. So poverty is not righteous – its stupid AF frankly – especially when the super rich are  the equivalent of mafia dons – but your street right ? I’m at this paper and any day something will  crack open for me in a big way because of the seeds I planet over the years . Before you christen your seed with half thought out speak on god and religion pre se do yourself a favor and let them “ask” first – what is the harm in it ?

Look around – can it be any worst. Once again churches and hospitals are signs of ignorance. Doctors and Preachers both need sickness to be – in order that they make a living.  Similarly politicians need people to be discontented in this game. I come from the school of self discovery – it is you who are the supreme decider not them. The world will become a better place once everyone get on some next sh*t rather than that ancient text sh*t if you will. Its nto wrong to ask big questions – reactivate that sh*t stop being a b*tch to the game I say. Salute !



– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on November 20, 2012.

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