Spiritual Athletes

Spiritual athletes? No I’m not talking about them who pray before the game like god gives a F which team wins.  Everything can be turned into a meditation technique; I have made cross training my own means of transcendence. I am not training for “nam” sport . Spiritual athletes in the moment of exertion forget themselves and become the motion itself. Not asceticism where pain is the means of displaying devotion – that is utter madness. One need not fast while starving to gain insights into the deepest questions of life or prove ones faith. The spiritual athlete does not seek competition as he knows the only thing to be won is mastery over ones own ego. The ego wants no change to exist especially related to its dominance. Through cross training I have again and again defeated the ego and its comfort in control . What we do we do not for name or fame just to express the life force energy? The spiritual athlete dances with death and thus becomes more alive – it’s true …


– ST

~ by BE LIKE WATER on November 20, 2012.

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