false dichotomy and mental slavery babe !


…now there’s a good one – body and spirit being separate – so much “pimpin'” is based off of  that bullsh*t I just types. Religion politics pharmaceuticals every F*ing thing runs that the body is weak bullsh*t . If people didn’t feel guilted would they go to church ? If people didn’t feel “helpless” would they vote for other people to run they’re lives . Would people be depressed if they were happy ( just making sure your alert – good / on point ! )  – I mean, would people need stimulants to warm over a wretchedness … The body is not our enemy ? REVELATION ? The body and spirit are one ? When they are balanced you have a whole person – not someone that can be exploited. Nourish the body and you nourish the spirit – mirrored is the same . If you have noticed after exercise like right after  a strenuous run where you “zoned” You felt a natural high which although is chemical had a regenerative effect on your entire being body and “spirit”. And after deep meditation the feeling of carrying the body is muted replaced by a sense  of weightlessness – that’s that sh*t !

So again – the body and spirit or mind what ever –  are one.  If you come to know this in your own experience empirically they cant run that game on you .

you cant pimp me –  uma pimp myself – pastory troy


– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on November 21, 2012.

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