fellow travelers…

… don’t join groups F that don’t organize – kings cross paths maybe – but return to they’re own respective kingdoms. The throne is individual expression, while we fellow travelers may share maps warn of travails and how to pass them without meeting doom. we are all headed on our own unique journeys. This is obvious as we all have come into being at differing times and under unique circumstances. The rebel is not trying to destroy the world ( revolution )  he knows the world is already destroyed ( in his mind )  – an illusion – an ideal propagated by “others” – lines of demarcations. That all around him are holograms. People who are acting out a certain projection / programming not really alive as it were – the puppeted. He is not trying to change them only to change himself into the supreme manifestation of who he really was ? IS – since the  conditioning was set. The rebel only wishes to be himself in a world of clones not change anyone ! This is why he has done nothing to cause harm yet has enemies ? He / she rejects the F sh*t no can do babe . SALUTE !

– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on November 21, 2012.

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