wow @ the thanksgiving holiday hysteria ( WTF ) …

… WTF I think as the extended line wraps around the corner at the super marker – or super casket rather – judging from whats in most peoples shopping carts the latter better paints  the scene more accurately – and truth is the light ! This dude ahead of me in line had like 20 things that were frozen in boxes LOL . TV dinner stuff LOL yo I thought to myself – all dead food ( food stuffs )  ? And PLUS on top of that a dead turkey LOL Maybe my humor is off but that was funny AF to me NO greens whatsoever. Then he had a turkey baster to inject the poor dead turkey with beef broth he explains to the lady that asked him what it was for LOL ( we spent a lot of time “in line” as you can see ) …  Anyway it never ceases to amaze me how under the control of outside forces we are – and more than not the reason  for celebration is total hypocrisy i.e. bullsh*t – go figure . “They” decide when we can be festive or when we should be celebratory – fascinating. Everyday is a holiday as I see – cause for dance and joy the game is wide … SALUTE !

– ST

~ by BE LIKE WATER on November 21, 2012.

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