Back to breathing and life (exercise techniques ST style) …

I’m at the beach black Friday having the time of my life with sprints in the sand. I reflected that if I were to drop dead right at this moment I was ready – it was EPIC (bless the whole world)   . I always talk about this – it keeps resurfacing. There is no other exercise like running to get in the best shape. It forces so many things to happen. Posture – breathing – endurance – strength – diet. You naturally become more in tune to these factors as they transform the body into a vehicle – an air craft rather – as the most intense runs have the effect of flying. The body is being ridden rather than carried flown rather than towed. I wrote recently of false dichotomies and the runner knows. At certain times the ground seems to conform to the runners stride in such a way that moving even over sand seems effortless – all is one. Breathing…

As said before and again these are not my words this is ancient knowledge the outgoing breath is death. To destroy the ego or better yet to break through limitations of a comfort zone one should enter “strain” with an outgoing breath rather than breathing in like bracing for a punch in the face.  So if your bench pressing say, you’re going to breathe out on the upward motion – fair enough not rocket science here. I was teaching muscle ups to my niece and the thing about kids is they get things quickly. I explained that a muscle up is like swinging at the playground. The harder you kick the higher you go – so kick and push down on the bar and you will swing to the top of it on the way back. And also remember to breathe outwardly when you kick – she aced it . 

I imparted this –  in order to take a deep breathe your lungs have to become empty and that the lungs are almost never really emptied because we breathe out so shallowly it prevents the lungs from taking in a lot of air. Notice that when we are scared we can’t breathe deeply we almost choke.  You can study the accompanying body chemistry to resultant emotions and master them, I wont go into that here save to say when faced with fear dive into it what is to loose ? 99.9 % we imagine things to be far worse than they really are. And a safe life only means a safe death nothing more. SALUTE!


–          ST 


~ by BE LIKE WATER on November 26, 2012.

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