I really feel blessed ( be a light unto yourself ) …

I never thought it would be possible to read people I thought that was out of my range for sure. But now more than ever I can see into people – pass the front they display; it’s sort of cool actually. It’s not a judgmental thing but in a way you can see how “alive” they are based on this – or dead. How programmed by the society they are – and conversely how free. First example of reading people Some rich chic gets on the transit (how did I know she was rich ) with her son and nanny. Right – how did I know she was rich – well it was something that just hit me – and how did I know that the lady was the nanny not a relative – just hit me too. Now she was about a 7 the mom but carried herself like she was inaccessible? SO naturally I was intrigued. Her nanny is tending to the toddler while she texts and preens. When we got to the beach she pointed to a building and had her son look in the direction. I was thinking maybe they own the building can’t be certain but that’s the impression I was given. THE END

Second instance – Now we all know about the cops at Miami Beach – how retarded they are and what is to be expected Miami is just retarded no revelation. So I’m crossing the road black Friday headed to whole foods to cop some chia seeds and this cop is kind of easing up in the road stalking me seeing how I handle it while he talks on his cell phone probably to his “partner”. P.S.  I’m already on point  as – when I exit publix a cop is parked across the street directly infront of publix and he gets all alert and tense when he sees me I smile and keep it moving – thinking to myself – here we go; these b*tches are on they’re periods today ( no offence ladies – salute ) . Back to the story.

So I go to cross directly in front of the police car and I make a thumbs up gesture like is it cool to cross here. I know he was pissed he wanted me to feel self incriminating and feed off my energy –  no dice b*tch . He had a disgusted look on his face with relaxed body language like I own the world which we all do by the way – as I crossed in front of him then pretended not to even notice me – right – right … I wonder if some black kid pissed in his cereal in preschool or what. F you I think – you MF’s cant make me feel like I’m out of place F you faggot ass cop you work for me – in theory ? See these instances happen everyday where you as a black man are expected to accept a projection of guilt. Your supposed to carry yourself in a guilty manner because after all the statistics suggest. This is so f*ing deep – the presupposition is that you’re most probably a criminal by default so its normal to F with you on that basis . Does that make the reverse true that cops are likely to engage in criminal behavior where Miami is known for its blatant corporate corruption – just saying… But we know the golden run the one with the gold makes the rules – and many cops are ass kissers of people in power like hoes to the game. So it goes without saying that a brother must be on point always  in the matrix no doubt.


   Now on the train ride home there was a cop sitting across from me and I could see immediately that that guy was the real deal. The way police present themselves to us in elementary school – they make you consider being a cop yourself but I only use police in metaphor here as what can we expect look at the country in itself – you can’t expect ignorant MF’s to produce righteous people – no brainer. I have to examine my life I could not just be a sheep in this game. It was not possible for me to follow the crowd I was born a rebel – so will also die one. People become easy to read as motivations are simple in most people. Fear and greed, so based on this they act in similar ways easy to figure. The trust of all true’s is that real recognize real in the game  that cannot be over stated – I’m in the wind – SALUTE !

–          ST 


~ by BE LIKE WATER on November 26, 2012.

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