live from the plantation ( epic ! ) …

So i’m making my rounds and I see the dude who works at the environmental center – we chopped it up in the past as fellow travelers on the spiritual journey.  So we’re talking the usual spiritual concepts – you know “everything is a lesson” – “there is no enemy” that type of stuff – when I started to explain the awareness that I practice when ever I can remember it during the entire day.

Its a state of openness – awareness – and indifference to the external world – accepting things as they are. He was saying how it was incorrect to react with anger at someone callings him a stoner or hippy as he walked down the street.  Then he said that the practice of openness awareness and indifference was a familiar concept. It was like watching a football game, enjoying it – yet not caring which team actually won. Conversely when our happiness is dependent on external factors things going our way even when we have no control over the outcome =  ignorance – SALUTE !  I had to salute the dude – that analogy made perfect since to me – chopping it up on the plantation – that’s how you pass the day.  SALUTE


– ST

~ by BE LIKE WATER on November 26, 2012.

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