You sacrificed mom & dad – so what F* YOU !

“SACRAFICE” In 2012 means exactly this …  ( let the flood gates be raised  )


How’s that for the opener? Parents who have sacrificed weigh heavy on others . The are good folk – the best even . But they expect that since they sacrificed they’re children should do the same in return. Forever have they  guilted  children into compliance. It is out of convenience to them rather than the happiness of the child. An obedient compliant child is more easy to mold as opposed to a “selfish” one determined to make they own path to a happy life. A happy life ?  Don’t you realize how we’ve sacrificed to provide for you – Now it is a cross to bare that our parents sacrificed for us so now we must do the same – then pass it down to our children – sacrifice your happiness for the convenience of the parents – sweet ! This is the sum total of societies misery indebtedness and guilt for being “selfish” where selfishness means having a life beyond “sacrifice”.

All these F*ing martyr’s it’s a wonder there aren’t more suicides seriously. Like dude in the movie dead poet societies dad that was some retarded sh*t but that’s the game. This is exactly why retarded people shouldn’t be making babies – they are only interested in “them” as investments not as blessings. Now I’m seeing where parents become depressed at an old age when the kids simply don’t come around them anymore – they feel abandoned and unloved. And when the kids do come around they are made to feel so guilted that they think they shouldn’t have never showed up in the first place. For god so loved the world that he gave his only begotten… get the F out of here with that bullsh*t ! You aren’t “god” nor does your once a week righteous ass see your own selfishness in making your kids know they were an inconvenience in a round about way. 

Recently on the plantation this young lady left for a better paying job – god speed. She was always stressed because she felt that she was the backbone of her family – a tyrannical mother and a looser brother she took care of out of a since of obligation. I really felt that her lovingness was being exploited and it was not fair. But once again religion – people feel they have to sacrifice like they jesus on the cross AS . Its not so much that they sacrificed quote unquote – it’s the fact that they want acknowledgement for it tantamount to emotional blackmail.  

ENDING 1 Enough, even if it makes us sad to go against our parents we must if it means our own happiness. If we are unhappy are we really any good to anyone else – then what is the loss?  Enough Martyring already live and be thankful!

ENDING 2 We as a society are not interested in freedom whatsoever! Lets keep it 100 – we are interested in making everyone accept the F*ed up game as is. That way, we don’t feel our lives were wasted  – we mute our own  “happiness” for trivial sh*t like status, name & fame – in the end we are lonely waiting for the kids to at least call – but save for now it cant be demanded of them.  SALUTE !


–          ST 


~ by BE LIKE WATER on November 26, 2012.

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