more & more beginning to hate groups ( “groupthink” )…

haven’t you noticed how people get they’re since of self from being “part” of “something” F*ing JOINERS ! Not to be confused with allied forces . Now I know they define allied forces as “GROUPS” who join  for a common cause  mostly war. But here allied forces is described as whole complete individuals who are trading in energy rather than seeking energy to begin ( exchange the word  “energy” with what you wish ) . So I am seeing all these people grouping and its disgusting. God wants us to be lions not sheep WTF is going on. You already know. EXACTLY – lead to slaughter. Who are leading these groups EXACTLY power hungry MF’s. Those who “seek” power have a sense of WHAT ? EXACTLY – inferiority complex – and by LEADING others they “become important” . Any leader that does not denounce leadership is suspect. If not for any other reason – the cannibalization of the group. Groups indeed eat themselves…

watch this …

groputhink : A phenomenon developed in groups and marked by the consensus of opinion without critical reasoning or evaluation of consequences or alternatives.

what else is there.

Now what happens when the “leader” starts to say “the wrong things” I heard a great npr episode of this american life where this preacher got a crazy revelation that hell did not exist and that everone was going to heaven . What happened next LOL ? EXACTLY he was all but  crucified in modern terms . Monetarily – Morally – Socially what else is there ?

Anyway I use religion as an example usually because it is the master of group think I love religion but not to the extent of willful blindness.

transcript of the lynching of Pastor

Rev Carlton Pearson

Again Sheepthink – I mean groupthink, epic epidemicness of madness really. Anecdotal – i’m down town and these people all start leaving this building and head to the street where I am approaching – it looks like some cross fit GROUP I think here we go – a collection of people who train cross fit – percet. So they all just block the F*ing side walk for no reason so passers by like myself went to the street to avoid the herd.

Now someone could have thought – hey people are approaching we aren’t standing here blocking the way for any particular reason, but no – when people get in groups they loose themselves. RIGHT we cross fit we run this ! EXACTLY herd behavior, they are capable of doing things that by themselves they wouldn’t even dream of right. Just as soon as I pass – as I didn’t fall into the trap of trying to traverse the group of obstacles they all broke into a sprint I guess to show the world how cool of a group they were -? Amazing – simply amazing … Joiners beware the gig is up – the keen see through you … SALUTE

– ST


It is particularly vomit inducing to see people being yelled at by some personal trainer / drill sargent to pick up the pace as if they were 5 year olds. Then again, people may appear adult but we know different – most people are in emotional maturity still teenagers. This is why they would even allow another adult to disrespect them in this obscene manner to begin. So I am watching them be exploited. But the kicker is – its willfully so.

People have told me to become  a trainer I CANT . People expect to be humiliated – they feel guilty for being unhealthy and they think themselves justly due indignity- I cant do it. For me exercise is a celebration of life . Digression …


~ by BE LIKE WATER on November 28, 2012.

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