The world is enging you heard it here first @ Waterist 2012 babe ( a fable below ) ..

So this is not really a fable but in the year 999 people really REALLY believed the world would end in the year 1000 . So much so they found it fit to made amends with all enemies. Give away all earthy possessions @ all other gestures indicative of a collective acceptance of fate . All save for the preachers and rabbi’s. Particularly the vatican – there it was as “normal”. Business as usual.

We know great wealth can be found there and of all place they should be the most charitable having an ear to the creator no less…  WHy were they not SHOOK -. Unlike the masses they were not foreboding . Was the world not REALLY coming to a cole-sion ( as the GZA would say ).

Now what is the fate of the middle men of god in such a situation –  perish the thought – they would have no purpose.  Further more, what if we though death was inevitable which it really is but we don’t think so furthest thought – might as well be having lunch on the moon that thought would precede any consideration of death. Anyway if your ever wondering if the world was truly about to end – watch what the pope does. If dude starts to party like its 1999 OMEN – anything less call BULLSH*T. SALUTE

– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on November 28, 2012.

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