I make music for my friends

I feel as though the audience at most musical venues are retarded ESPECIALLY the miami “scene”.  They are like corpses draped in the lastest trends – just way way too cool. I feel as though any “true” artist won’t subject themselves to this drain. Especially if your art is “from the heart” ( I know cliche )  your not going to expose yourself to these empty vessels in that way. Its like making love in public – nothing most balanced people would enjoy.

I had a friend just now introduce me to someone as a “artist” who just stopped working on music – and that I was really good he doesn’t know why I quit  – QUIT  ? They see me as just stopping music but I am working just as ever but now not whoring myself for exposure like SOME of  peers have. Shots fired ? NOT – Just an opinion.  We can explode in all directions we dont have to be 1 thing . “I”  doesn’t exist – life is an adventure – who knows what the future holds its pregnant AF – enjoy ! SALUTE

– ST



~ by BE LIKE WATER on November 29, 2012.

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