murked … ( live from the corporate plantation environment – simulated reality ) ..

…dude quit LOL The kat that tried to jump bad at work in the office. He  retreated – good. So lets see here, another stripe . Word – if your not ready to play the game on the plantation in these times your a goner for sure.  WOW A month ago this time I was suspended without pay from work because of  the lies of a grimy skeezer ( pardon my french ).

As I reflect …

In war timing is of essence. And my strategy was to win while the climate was befitting – on some art of war analogy type ish… NOW this lady – the one I wrote about before ; just now – tells me to behave WTF  like i’m her son- here we go again with that sh*t ! Word travels fast – obviously she knows dude is gone. I just laugh in her face – why she want to control the god ? I know why,  institutionalized. What in the F* did my rebellious spirit derive from as my family – at least all the ones who are “doing good” are all institutionalized – god bless them.

No matter what tomorrow brings I know I didn’t loose to that b*tch ass snitch & its whatever if dude got words – but I seriously doubt it … I have to now salute my  cousin O.G of all O.G.’s he helped me write the 2 arguments I used to maintain my paper ( $ ) on the plantation until I am able to do for self. There is no way possible I wound still have a job had it not been for my kin  – smh almost brings me to tears because certain people should be “eatin” and are not as yet – but my team stays winnin’ regardless…


– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on November 30, 2012.

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