Another look @ the conversation on the plantation from yesterday … ( backlogged post )

I said how cool it was to “chop it up” (converse) with a fellow traveler whiles on the plantation but a few things. First, I may have been too gangsta for dude in my delivery. “Short”, shall I say – but it is my own belief that being spiritual and also pussyfooted ( no shots-fired at dude there ) – in this game is futile or better – unwise. So needless … I will continue to express the game in the G manner but I see his angel too. We talked about how Osho at one point had armed guards on deck because of the religious fanatics that tried to murk ( kill ) him. The kat I was chopping it up with wasn’t so sure that was a good idea. WTF LOLOL I thought to myself ?

I knew then dude was cool but we are made of different soil which is cool. Osho said to his devotee that was experiencing difficulty’s because of seeing armed guards in the spiritual setting. Would you have these religious fanatics harm your children – what is the point in that. Since they had been having armed guards the religious fanatics didn’t show up anymore – they weren’t really REALLY  ready to meet they’re makers just yet I guess (*shrugs ) . Them religious nuts weren’t that crazy after all huh ? I know I know overkill ( that’s me !) …

 Everyone thinks of Ghandi as this self effacing figure in history,  but dude used non violence as a political vehicle – it wasn’t to show some spiritual attainment whatsoever, Not to take anything away from Ghandi ( who am I again ? ) or the dude I was chopping it up with at work for that matter. Not even.. Just that one needn’t be a lamb in this game Ghandi certainly wasn’t – he was indeed tactical and I salute the god – he used what was there – alas India – fasting and indirectness BINGO.

If we agree that the body is a temple as the body is the resting place or rather “the house” of the spirit – then it is worth or rather “worthy” of defending. So take care of yourself FFS ( had to throw that in there ha) !  I already talked about how we have been conditioned “purveyors of religions”  throughout all time  to view our body as “other’ or “the enemy” – perhaps thinking along these lines where we are willing to undergo physical harm uncontested is because of it –makes no sense whatso – my heart simply won’t abide it. Don’t F* with me and mine and we cool – I say…

Peace to Malcolm X

–          ST   


~ by BE LIKE WATER on December 3, 2012.

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