Bruce Lee ! ( Salute ) …

… How do we remember who we are in a world  persistently suggesting to us who we are or who we should wish to be …

Be like water – Immortal

The above – the most known ancient knowledge. I salute the god for bringing such a beautiful remembrance to the world. It was not Jeet Kune Doe nor his acting per se – it was the wise words  “be like water” that have made Bruce Lee immortal. I happen upon, at least here on the net some detractors who argue that the god was “merely” an actor and dismiss him as a martial artist outright. While it is no shocker ( great people have haters? You don’t say !  )  because the mind itself is negative – it negates everything “other”. Other religions other races other countries etc … Rarely if ever have I witnessed a denial of the substance in the statement “ be like water”. Obviously it exist – I just haven’t happened upon it as yet – perhaps in the comments below LOL ?  My understanding of “be like water” is to drop all expectations. Be an echo  like the  sound  who  ricochets off the hills in a valley or  be the reflection of the moon on the surface of a lake. Bruce Lee made popular the notion of dropping technique – “you put water in a cup  it becomes the cup – adapt to every second without rigidity in motion – fluid action. WATER !  Alas water – what causes us to become rigid and prescribed in our ways ANSWER  forgetfulness of who we truly are & what we are which is god manifesting. Forgetfulness is happening every second – each moment we doubt or become angry we are forgetting. I am not saying absence of mind because – contrary to popular belief absence of mind is like the best thing ever. We only become mindful when we have forgotten in the first place – we forget to treat others as we would like add your favorite typically unpracticed belief here .

Anyway   As we forget our story what we have overcome it is evidence we are very forgetful .  If one rests in remembrance it is said he or she is awoke – or enlightened ! . One cannot be aware and thrown off his throne by the pettiness of stupid people – it is not possible. It occurs only where forgetfulness is present – allowed to flourish, as weeds overrun a beautiful garden being neglected. You will not – simply cannot eat wrongly when you remember who you are – it isn’t even a matter of should and shouldn’ts whatsoever. Should & shouldn’t create conflict. The mind loves – even thrives on negativity so it will justify whatever we do & win as it create guilt which further insures the negative cycle against remembrance  of who you are. Now me – I have always enjoyed physical activities – shout out COACH  Norris at Palmetto Jr. Cool as hell white dude P.E. teacher who got gangsta if needed – cursed too !!! He once fought a student which come to think of it my have costed him his job sadly – but it was a fair one the kid got just deserts. Coach  made his mark I salute the god….

Now coach would always make me a team leader in nearly all  games or he would have me sit out  so others could shine as I was always a natural and murked everyone nearly  – man P E was heaven so far as I knew it.  These days kids dread physically activities who says the world ain’t nearing its end – comeon son! …

For me / us  as a matter of fact it was though to be the worst punishment ever to miss P E as “reward” for quote unquote “misconduct” in other  classes THE WORST – why even go to school – no P E? My teachers would routinely remind me that I would loose P E if I got in trouble with them – BASTARDS LOL! Even coach would yell at you if you got in trouble and prevented yourself from going to  “P E class( ? ) ” was he in cahoots with the staff /teachers  hmmm? ) . Anyway you see I have always loved  athletics so asking me why I train or run or stay in shape is frankly a retarded question to me.  Why do birds fly even… I might be 200 years old squatting 400 lbs hagagaa… Anyway I said that to say this – I use to be frustrated when people questioned me underlying “abnormal behavior” in it ( word – so being a fat couch potation is normal – you win I wondered to myself ) . But NOW in remembrance of who I am makes me indifferent – or Ray Charles better yet to stupid question. REMEMBER!!!!!!!!

–          ST          


~ by BE LIKE WATER on December 3, 2012.

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