Sunlight falls on both sinner & saint ( WHY ? )

If a tree want’s to reach up to the heavens its  root’s must extend far down in  hell (paraphrased) – Nietzsche

Firstly I was moved to this because let it be known I am no saint or sinner F* that. I paint myself as nothing. And why I may appear unsympathetic to the flock and they’re “poly folly’s”  – I love living in the world ! I love people I want everyone to “EAT “ .  I realize ignorance has been “bestown” – handed down . And to condemn a man forever for what he has done in ignorance is not right. . To accuse a drunk driver who unwittingly hit a person of murder is stupid – it was in his darkness.   Weren’t we at some point too in darkness and how amazingly even ember’s can illumine the abounding abyss of ignorance – give thanks! IF the whole existence saw fit for light to also shine on sinners & saint who am I.

I often on my blog “ride” on the so called “GOOD”.  I say they reek of righteousness, they want the “goods” so to speak – heaven. So they ONLY do what is right for the reward of heaven not out of wisdom .  If a man learns from his past mistakes he should no longer be shaded. The concept of being judged at the end of your life for everything you did in your life is retarded – it makes no sense. So when I was 3 years old and I stole a crayon out another kids box in daycare I am fated hell ?  Com’on yo. But this is the reason of most people. I sit back sometimes and listen to people “ride out” .  I listened to some ride on a kat for sh*t that happened over 20 years ago – it’s amazing. ( Paraphrasing ) They think they all that now – pushing a benz living in a 2 story in a good neighborhood . I remember when they smoked crack over 20 years ago – F*ing ridiculous. SALUTE ! 

– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on December 3, 2012.

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