Vessels. ( more fire Nuh ) !

Yo  – when I was a gitt ( kid )  I once put gasoline in a styrofoam cup and the cup straight up melted down through my fingers  yo! Side note : I didn’t know “Styrofoam” was trademarked ( had to be right ? ) – so someone somewhere is so paid like forever off the non environmentally friendly polymer we so happily litter about. PAID!

Anyway getting back …. The cup melted in my hand yo – like it was on fire son – it was not capable of containing gasoline as a vessel. NOW –  when we  look at “ancient teachings” for example – RIGHT people really aren’t able to hold it without melting down like that Styrofoam cup did based on makeup or molding rather – so … we have people who are vessels capable and apt – who   “step on it” in hood speak – or spank it down a few notches to where they can manage. These vessels have compassion for humanity – they make the impossible seem possible and we are all the better for them.  VESSELS – SALUTE !

– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on December 3, 2012.

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