live from the plantation EPIC

yo – peace hope everyone is doing good salute !i’m here just practicing being “a window”. Being indifferent while being alert.  It is true – your not alive unless your willing to rick – how can you learn to swim without first leaving dry land . Today when I ran I was facing traffic and running right next to the road in the grass – it was epic I had to dodge trees with  surface roots while focusing on not running off the grass and into the road EPIC. It was intense I dont think I blinked once , as I observe I didnt have a hard stare or focused look at all I was loose and totally aware of every second EPIC. Some spanish old man got out my way when I approached a bus stop deck that was in front of the road I gave the thumbs up and he said something in spanish that I translated as BEAST MODE lol .  Anyway jesus was a rebel so tell all the christians it is easy to talk this and that but your own saviour did not follow the crowd its safe to believe in a person like that now ain’t it ? But back in the day its doubtful many would have ridden with the christ.   SALUTE


– ST



~ by BE LIKE WATER on December 4, 2012.

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