wednesday WTF …

I always hve to remember on wednesday to remember where I am exactly. A bit of retardedness sets in. Its old habit *shrugs ( like atlas ) . In america wednesday is seen as the day of “climbing”, we’ve made it a freaking hill FFS – so in a sense we make it a struggle ourselves out of habit such bullsh*t really.  This chic ( i’m @ work )  just wen’t bonkers on the phone with someone endemic of the wednesday script. She just told the other receptionist to say shes not in the office if they ask for her – they are both under the wednesday spell. Myself i’m the watcher even myself I can watch from afar this is all a freaking illusion we stamp with emotions and give credence to in our folly. A few minutes ago this chic popped a balloon as I passed by her wtf.  Shes bangin as hell on the womans basketball team but she is still feminine … I just said perfect timing to  her devious azz … Everyone around was looking at me for a look of anger I was really smiling REALLY no front no nothing – I didn’t even jump visibly or un-visibly as in my body reflex. ( 20 minutes have passed ) Yo having the most deep convo in the office with a coworker about everything . I just said wednesday wednesday to her and we were off … ( still in progress ) …

– ST


PART 2 ( hour half later ? or so ) …

I must have got too deep for her she fell back lol … She was trying to use gentic’s  and say how people are just carrying out predetermined scripts . Then I said that’s why the masses get pimped my those who know. She said it wasn’t they’re fault they were just unknowing I said that’s why people like Adolph Hitler have existed ( I will spare detail ) …

So my new policy is 100-ness where when possible. I’m not going to play the politically correct game which is default for conversation in america. What is to be lost ?  I am not trying to be a joiner anyway – what you wont like me ? Why should I partake in the fake undercurrent of political correctness – corporate latter climber-ism. I would much rather express myself in total life is to short to be pussyfooting with people . Especially when your chopping it up supposedly  from the heart right ?  Anyway so now she got on the phone with her dude I guess for consolation because I was bombing her with ether and not trying to be politically correct or outright blunt in fact just being 100 – anyway I digress… Another episode of chopping it up live on the plantation. SALUTE !

– ST

~ by BE LIKE WATER on December 5, 2012.

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