the illest teaching – but wait – why is it that when PEOPLE see your “vibeing” in a festive state THEY try to interrupt it …. Wait ; even I know the  answer to that BRO… Because they are miserable AF b*tchez to the game tho – right or wrong ? Anyway SINCE I started to become “the watcher” rather than “the I” I have taken advantage of these moments for laughter ! And I like that people probably think i’m crazy for laughing at they’re attempts to thief my energy NO GO . So the teaching is – LOVE is not a action it is a STATE of being. So while it is not necessary to love “everyone” one should be loving – just as one does not stop breathing in the presence of the enemy ( you would die ) why should we stop being loving even in the presence of bitch-ass-ness. That is what is meant by love thy enemy – RIGHT ? SALUTE 


– ST 



~ by BE LIKE WATER on December 18, 2012.

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