On Thoughts … ( energy )

On Thoughts … ( energy )

Prove your not insane a simply thought experiment will prove otherwise; we have adapted to the abnormal norm – right. Experiment – go into a silent room with pen and paper and shut yourself there. Now write down every thought that enters your mind for just the next ten minutes. If you are honest and wrote down exactly “your own thoughts” for that time you will be astonished. You wouldn’t dare share what was written down even with the people closest to you. They say a drunkard speaks truth but only the thin veil that smothers our real thoughts was so easily lifted by the slightest thing. The slightest things bring those thoughts to the surface which go smoldering just below false ease.  In a rage we say what we mean because really we are angry at the roots -has nothing to do with the object or excuse which dispelled the mask. The personality itself is a falsehood – it is originated from the Greeks the word persona which means mask – a character player by an actor .  True the world is an illusion and true the personality represents the adaptation to the situation. One in essence becomes what he is perceived to be by others which accounts for the insanity. The resistance to becoming the projection causes a great tension we resist it naturally. But in resistance we are being suffocated – we have become closed , which is death ! Think of a dam whose sole purpose is to block from flooding. Water is then prevented from passing whatsoever obviously in life where we prevent even some flow that in only death. So one needn’t resist the flood only to  learn swimming – ya dig. Once who rises above also meets others who have and there is no lack. You are in the company of the greatest people who ever “lived”. To live is only of worth if one becomes more than his programming. I am surprised at how many of us have completely turned against nature. We gain no from sitting in the woods anymore or next to the ocean – this is mad.  The mind has caught us – when we are here we think of there and when we are there we think of somewhere else – no such thing as vacation.  We take pictures the whole time  – to enjoy at a later time ? Why not just buy a photo album of Bali – at least the pictures  won’t be so amateurish right ?


~ by BE LIKE WATER on January 9, 2013.

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