Be natural ( don’t blink )

Simply yet true – don’t you hate contrivance … Is ones jobs worth being so fake  in other matters. I mean cool, we are here to work but must one compromise the heart in being an employee. I only say this because so much extra is forgone at the workplace that appears to me non applicable. For example, say your philosophical and wish to express it – the big questions of life like – why are we here. Now it would be ok to talk sports of gossip but god forbid we start to converse about meaning at work. But why not – I know why. Because it reveals the stupidness of what is usually called socializing at work. That’s the same reason they killed Malcolm x Jesus Socrates or who ever broke with the flock. The masses are asses they only rest in numbers. A wise man cannot long be a slave – he sees it and flees it . On the matter of blending in it is a given there is no way to it. The answer to all things is to be natural – we are gods. But that is not to say we are superior to the unaware. They choose to sleep but why should I buffer because of it. I’m not judging – but naturally they are offended how we don’t blink. Usually one blinks when they are excited by something so I mean the trivia is not worth a blink. So what to do .  SALUTE !

–          ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on January 23, 2013.

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