What to eat ?

In keeping with the ultimate – which is religion. Cast aside all false notions of religion in this case.

Here religion means self realization. “Doing things religiously” – there, in that vein – that saying is more to the point. So now – as for what to eat. When I was a child I did childish things – what do children like most – candy . We use to get mad when “adults” told us not to always eat sweets. We thought they were just mean. While it is true but not for those reasons, but I agree that grown ups tend to want to make everyone else feel miserable just like them. But still it is also true that just eating jaw breakers and

now-and-laters won’t suffice. One should eat foods that don’t cause heaviness. And by that I don’t mean obesity. Food should make one feel weightless able to fly – not induce gravity. Remember the body only becomes a issue when something goes wrong. PAIN. Never do we think of our fingers until one gets broken and so on. Only do we feel heavy when we are sick besides that eating things that weigh us down.  In ancient Egyptian mythology the goddess maat on the day of judgment is said to weigh the heart next to a feather . A unburdened un-heavy heart is the only way into the kingdom of the after life whereas on earth a un-heavy un-leaded body is the way to heath. Thus the most tax free foods which are vegetarian should be thought of most. When thinking of being light as a feather and thus religious think of those things. SALUTE !


~ by BE LIKE WATER on January 23, 2013.

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