Life is a Woman … ( so epic “ancient knowledge” ) …

The joy of swimming – the waves dancing as the sun blaze overpowers all the trivial worries we tow; one is in deep enjoyment and is asked by a friend the next day why are you so happy . He relays the experience to the friend  . The friend is thirsty for such joy so he goes directly to the beach and waits for happiness to happen? It never appears!

I witness so many frowns at the beach these days – perhaps they too were waiting for happiness to happen to them by simply being there rather to enjoy the water itself. EPIC  FAIL.

Life is a woman it cannot be forced –raped.  One rapes because it is safer for the heart – no commitment no vulnerability but it is a empty act finally – taking. That is no way to win over a woman – one must be subtle indirect implicit and play many games – which you may detest. You can’t rape life – I bare witness to those who have taken the safe way to a happy life. Following with societies plan – they are now retired empty nested yet still unhappy – why?  Perhaps they thought it was a full proof plan to win the game by following the safe path but life cannot be forced. Similarly, if you tell a woman directly to go to bed with you she will call the cops on you likely. You have to use indirectness to win her over – same with life. Rather than “pursue happiness” we should allow happiness which means creating the conditions for it to unfold, i.e. crack open.

Watching the hawks in flight yesterday I forgot that it was nothing new –  I reflected on what it was like to witness this for the  first time. And, how it likely inspired the wonders of flight in man. One hawk was so high up as the moon it seemed – I couldn’t see how it would be possible to ever get back to land  –  EPIC.


~ by BE LIKE WATER on January 27, 2013.

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