The Game

You know how we do – humans I mean. Take the easy way – say  we have always been this way. Always with war always with jealousy and hatred. The great majority accepts – as if we are too frozen so do we. How can it  be things which are frozen are lifeless  sooooooooo we are still being created as we go. Ever notice how as kids we were allowed some freedom just to be – to play to enjoy but much to soon guided to seriousness. Maturity – responsibility and respectability. Given to the air of seriousness,  as playfulness is only fit for the green. But the bible is right – the man of knowledge is corrupted. He knows to much but is not freed by his knowledge. On the other hand his knowledge makes him disenchanted – depressed. So on the count that we are just like that – strike. The purpose of the body is to transcend the body as follows – the purpose of man is to become gods – or more politically correctly stated – become “super men” ( and women ) .   What in the F is the point of existence only to become a slothful defiler of the earth for what ? Why even be here if not to become something more – or rather pure. SALUTE !

–          ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on January 27, 2013.

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