A kernel of truth worst than a lie

Half true’s beware – or is that which wins the truth ? The one in power proclaims my way has won so it is decided. I am the ultimate – others will follow as it will become  truth – but not that! This is more why I am starting to HATE  sports . I hate when I see young kids being trained to play sports especially black kids. I hate that shit that ain’t gangsta to me. It reeks of slavery to me and thus the kernel of truth – black people were conditioned to be physically strong as you would breed a bull. Now is the time to part ways with that mind. The society creates the mind you tow – yes I said tow it is weighty. A German mind differs from a Japanese mind not only in language. That mind was cultured by the society for its ends. It may not be that people want to not control they’re own lives – simply the mind given them wont allow it. They see no other way than to be a slave. And the mind of a slave favors what pleases massa. So maybe it is true that a lot of black people have physical talent attribute it to melanin or slavery no matter. The question remains – who owns your mind, beware of the half true’s. SALUTE

–          ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on January 31, 2013.

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