Death of the poets

Why is poetry dead? Between the scientist and the mystic is the artist –a bridge between both worlds.

A great artist is part scientist part spiritualist because even they know creation is being channeled. I too sometimes look back at what was said through my pen and I am wowed.  A great painter is a channel he knows better than to claim authorship of what was “bestown” (gifted). The creative process is such that one simply waits expectantly yet afraid. It may never recur – the spell that is casted but alas it does return but not of will. In a since creation is meditative – one centers the vibe and lets go. Just like it is creative-heresy to TRY – to  re-enact  the EPIC  jam session that was before. With meditation same thing – trying to do anything while looking-in is folly. Great paintings and great music is no more happening but why ? Well we know whenever tyranny goes the artist are destroyed thus we are not free.  Between the worlds the painter reflects with no vested interest with the society. In fact even to dance one must possess a certain freedom that is lacking. See how stiff and corpse like we are, the human being is nothing without cultivation but a machine thus it is so . As are machines wielded – by programming Yes that too and we by the owners, the manipulators of minds easily.  It is befitting as the mind not the heart has become the center. The mind prevents creation haven’t you seen ? Dancing by the numbers what have we become? SALUTE !

–   ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on January 31, 2013.

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