Echos of myself

Are we then whales, who through water echolocate things – or in the air those nocturnal winged rats  ( bats )  …  Who ever we are is reflected in the other. So of course we are more than those – for one we cannot fly. Now we reason why, they are the enemy because of X or Y . First to accept ones own enmity towards the self. The ugliness which we over looked in ourselves but not in others NEVER .  Is it not a mere reflection of who we are – what we project then reflects.  How perfect to be in the world where one can see, can study as a third – a witness. It is not possible away from the other – do not escape the world. How to reflect “lovingness” in the chaos which echoes. Alas friends choose to love rather than to fear. Finally we die alone but have we lived too ? It is then our fate to have courage even if it pains us. Choose humiliation rather than a closed heart what is to be lost. One who discloses vulnerability after all we are weak – in weakness strength is shown. Strips of metal can destroy even the giant – a scentless poison gas melt away the skin – we are mere finally. But that is only if we see ourselves as only the flesh – another story. The only inertia on our soul are these echo’s . It may be missing me to explain but this I know – words betray the truth. SALUTE !

– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on January 31, 2013.

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