No more

Every time it makes me angry! I think of before. I compromised and for what. Those things I compromised for are meaningless! It’s never enough! All of those who advised me on how to live don’t seem all that happy to me. They want me to compromise for a meaningless existence F that ! I refuse to be a “family man”. It’s good for the state for “the family” and the employer who know your trapped i.e. a “reliable” slave. All around me I see people wanting me a slave – me I would rather die. What point is life – just to be a useful member of society? And who the F is society really –  a fiction, a bunch of power hungry fools trying to compensate  for feelings of inferiority  . Look at the family the fake relationships – the workplace the lowest nature of man on steroids. And the society,  a means of destroying the individual for the vested interest of politicians. It is not a question of being a beggar I am against begging for a living. Anyone with only 2 brain cells can make money that is nothing.  But the bourgeois mentality I too am against. I don’t give a fuck that you got a new iphone 5 – 6 of whatever that sh*t is meaningless – but have at it. 2013 no more compromises – pure utter selfishness – on steroids.

–          ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on January 31, 2013.

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