Being poor

Being poor

Blessed are the poor “IN SPIRIT”( EGO ) …


– people misquote jesus he don’t say blessed are the poor he says blessed are the poor in spirit. SPIRIT meaning EGO – as in be as a child EXACTLY now back to our regularly scheduled programming – peace –

I am against being poor and I don’t see divinity in it . Being poor prevents one from being – one is reduced, lessened – made to accept the worst things. The religions go on massaging the egos of the poor for a reason. They exist because of the hopeless – you cannot convert the rich man to your religion only a  hungry man. Religions go on building schools and feeding the poor in underdeveloped countries for a reason – to increase the flock. Manipulating the poor for its own ends – conversion is a crime can’t we see. Why not destroy poverty once and for all there is no need. Yesterday my niece asked me to donate to a charity I thought REALLY. Just  the day before she explained to me how she needed 150 $ for a field trip and an additional 150 $ for another thing at her school plus her b day in 12 days. Donate to a charity – REALLY ? I asked her would she rather I gave money to her or donate money to them. What was the reply EXACTLY? But have they no shame exploiting the innocence of children obviously not. We know that charity’s are a fraud – look at the most recent crisis in Haitian how the money was squandered a free for all at the expense of the many in need.  Poverty-pimps blood-suckers-of-the-poor these sayings ring true. I keep hearing people say – why don’t THEY do this for the people or that for the people it’s weird AF to me. All the life we forgo waiting around for some savior – in the form of other people. I don’t know, maybe its me but I think poverty can be destroyed easily once and for all – why not ?

–          ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on February 1, 2013.

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