hara–kiri knowledge …

Japanese harakiri, from hara belly + kiri cutting

ok hara–kiri means suicide right – ( not a nice subject I know ) well the trill part about it is the Japanese when asked where is the control center of the body they point to the navil center whereas we would likely say the brain. They perfected the painless suicide by stabbing themselves with a sword 2 inches below the naval causing instant death ( lights out ) . But it makes sense because the naval geographically is located in the center of the human body more or less. I bring this up because obviously when were in our mothers womb we are fed through the naval exactly so obviously it is an important region energetically. If you would notice whenever your have a strong feeling a tension is felt in the core. IT is possible to store infinite energy there – if your angry focus your attention there and the raw energy will be transformed it works .


Osho Speaks:In the Chinese Taoist tradition, they have a method known as “Tai-Chi”.
It is a method of centering, a method of witnessing.
They say do whatsoever, but remain conscious of the center at the navel.
Walking, be conscious of the center at the navel.
Eating, be conscious of the center at the navel.
Fighting, be conscious of the center at the navel.
Do whatsoever you are doing, but remain conscious of one thing:
that you are centered in the navel.
Again, if you are conscious of the navel, you cannot think.
The moment you begin to think, you will not be conscious of the navel.
This is a body technique.
Buddha uses breathing, breath; Taoists use hara.
They call the center at the navel hara.
– ST

~ by BE LIKE WATER on February 1, 2013.

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