The slowest wins – Group psychology

The slowest wins – herd psyche

Another reason I am a non-joiner and emphatically hate organizations is because the slowest dictates the pace. This is also why I exercise and  train alone – all that happens when I work with others are false starts . I think that anyone wise does his work alone. Because the slowest finds other means of proving himself of use – besides the groups ACTUAL cause. He might tell side splitting jokes so he keeps everyone entertained – in stitches, but that has nothing to do with the groups purpose. See why anything for the masses is impotent – it must make provisions for the least – the slowest – the dull witted.  This may be why loners are feared so much by society as above all they are not weighted down by the inertia of the crowd.  What realizations might be lighted in one who is not shadowed? Loner is given a negative connotation but being alone is nothing wrong in it. One can be alone yet not “lonely” – in fact only the one capable of being alone and at peace is fit to be with another. There is nothing at stake – no fear of being alone thus a type on authenticity results. He says what he means having no fear of being ousted. F the mob I salute the soloist who ironically in a selfishness does the most for the parasitic cry baby ass masses. SALUTE!

–          ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on February 3, 2013.

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