Fall into something totally and ALL is revealed in it. I for one have mastered a thing – the art of emceeing . When something is known thoroughly all is revealed in it. Take for example this observation – the navel. IT is the center of the body once again. As such the earth is the center of a tree. The trees roots go as far down as it is tall once more. This makes me think of balance – balance must be the state of things. And true, when there is imbalance things go up or down like a seesaw. We seem to be teetering because we try to rewrite the divine game. We test the waters but all accounts will be balanced when the circle is completed. How is it so that planets orbit as they do?  Why is the circle favored by the universe – we should be aware of what we put out it has to be back soon.  Our actions are an invisible orbit.

Fall totally into a thing and all is known. Drown in anger or into rage and see clearly where it leads to the bottomless abyss. Make a stay – if you are willing to it will be the first and the last visit. But even we roar half heartedly – so hell is not fully known. See why we never surpass flaws – dive in know something totally and eternal truth will be known. SALUTE

–          ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on February 3, 2013.

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