FAILED murk attempt # 2 on the plantation ( what took them so long to regroup ) …

I would much rather be involved with the beautiful things – a babe to pour my heart into with abandon. Soul elevating music and celebratory activities (needle scratches record) . This fat sloppy b*tch at work went to the dean saying she saw we running at the track while I was “on the clock” ( i.e. still shackled ) . Not only this she LIED and said I was in uniform. Which only means a beige T-shirt – still it was a lie. Not only that she did not go to my “boss” she went all the way to the dean for a direct kill not to even give my “boss” a chance to be involved – B*TCH.  Anyway I hear from “my boss” ( I hate terms like “boss” they are meaningless –  but only in the interest to move this story along I compromised )  about the whole thing. She said the dean called her at which time she informed the dean of my early start on Monday  ( which means I was off early ) that was that. But still I don’t like when people fire shots at me even when they miss. That ugly pale beached whale lied that I was in  my “work shirt” running – I guess to spice the allegations up – NO LIFE . Other than that no worries – I chopped it up with my people about it and the advice I was given was simply be on point at all times. They are still mad I wasn’t fired the last time around so it is what it is NO DOUBT .  And fat sloppy trailer trash b*tches  need to be more focused on burning fat speed walking than being nosy AF – FAIL yet again ! SALUTE

–          ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on February 7, 2013.

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