ENOUGH (reaper drones)

Stop American Idoling yourself !!!

Reaper – a device used to “harvest” a crop

Drone – a “remote controlled” piloted aircraft

Having some neophyte experiencing with hacking – what seasoned hackers would self-righteously brand  a “script- kiddie”  or someone who cuts and paste code but who himself is not studied in computer programming languages. I remember a little exploit program called “the reaper” which would use bots to automate the login attempt process for a website. You would use 100’s or proxies to fabricate your identity and a “word-list” which was a list of possible username passwords that may gain you entry into a sites ( I know, I know – really fun stuff, yeah ! ) .

It seems we are mere try’s of the reaper. Yes “TRYS” a means to attain, that is of course lesser said than “cogs in the wheel” ( I’m original – dig it ! )  . The reaper simply discards what is of no use with speed.  But I can see how Hitler made  Ghandi similarly the reapers spurs on the evolution of  life. Presupposing rightly that we arethe universe looking in the mirror at itself. Then moved to seek purpose beyond being harvested for energy . I feel that it is enough – if there were no improvements in technology nothing is  lost. If no new iphone came – ENOUGH. So soon we forget the promise of technology is convenience. Can more convince from now be added – then how ? Look at the masses of no-names wholes lives are fodder to a point. Only because they were of no value -besides shoveling coal into a hungry belly-less  furnace. Reduced to a try – nothing doing. I guess – if you expose enough of us to hell fires someone may survive and that one would be called great but the process is firstly insane.

Let robots take the wheel then fine – but allow us still laughter. Let the machines work but we reap the rewards – no more enslave man for the least of things. Why cant we just play and work become play because we are doing what we were born for. What a funny game for at the end we end the same. SALUTE!

– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on February 9, 2013.

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