To paint with air … ( random thought = energy leakage ) …

How fervently we paint with air our own worlds. Thoughts are as weightless however taxing. They are airy aren’t they. Amazingly airy yet adept at keeping us suspended. Beggars ruminations – only of bread and perhaps a respite in his dreams. Only perhaps – as even in dreams one is what one is when awake. Even a beggar is a beggar in his dreams and not a king – maybe a profitable beggar with his own bread bakery. And just like air are thoughts leaking, a wastage – a drain of energy. We are wasting a lot of energy thinking that is why we need sleep. Pointless thinking makes one energy depleted we don’t need a five hour energy kick we need meditation ! SALUTE !



~ by BE LIKE WATER on February 9, 2013.

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