THE EGO fulfillment of being sick … ( SMMFH )

This sh*t here must stop – but it “ain’t not gonna” happen. We almost DEMAND attention when we get sick. When we are ill sympathy is obligated on our part. Sadly some people are shown attention only when they fall sick. Because of this sickness is positively reinforced to where you have people almost proud of having a disease ( SMMFH ) – it gets them attention. Then there is the competition between folks  to win self congratulatory  prize  MOST attentive to my sick kin folk – that is the most sickening part of all to me. And the shaming tactics of the sick who remark so and so was here this many days and where were you. This is where I must seem the most weird to my folks because I refuse to play into all sorts of bullsh*t of this magnitude. I F*ing refuse to encourage sickness or compete with credit seeking Negro’s – YOU WIN. SALUTE !

–          ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on February 14, 2013.

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