Defend your MIND … ( any costs )

I at all costs DEFEND – do not ALLOW trash to be collected in my DOME ( mind ) . Useless frivolous sh*t we store as if we were obligated– our tops appear open to whomever! Everyone has access to dispense of useless crap into our memories – are we not just dumpsters for anybody to bark nonsense into. This I am “sick-with” – seriously averse allergic repulsed by – all of those, which means I have to excuse myself a lot from settings. If garbage talk is being polluted into the air I extract myself as if drowning – that is the exact feeling I get. It’s life or death for me that serious, defending my mind from dumb sh*t being added into it. My lil brother thinks I go too far as the other day I asked if he would STOP telling me anything a certain person we know says – FOREVER because its just nonsensical – ALWAYS. So of course with him be a jokester he tries his best to annoy me by telling me what they say anyway smmfh
:- /.
But before I became “more aware” I would take in nonsense just to do it. I used to read sh*t like stormfront articles ( WTF) which is or was a retarded white supremacist website WTF was wrong with me there. So much of our mental blocks are simply the thoughts of others speaking in our minds against us. But F that you can’t blame anyone but yourself – the vampire must be a welcomed guest – that’s the law. SALUTE
– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on February 18, 2013.

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