O.G. Alchemy …

Now gangsterism is seen as lawlessness correct. LAW is in itself arbitrary ( tyrannous  ) – walk with me here. In the sense that even murder is sanctioned through war – along those lines I am hitting at. The gangster says F you I make my own rules up too – I peeped the game. Lacking the blessings of the rulers his actions are said as outside of the law and finally criminal. This is all known to you nothing new especially. I ride here on sanctimoniousness wherein matters of  the self proclaimed authorities have run a F*ing muck.  How then does it happen that a society lasts THIS long before being totally destroyed – it being so bass-ackwards obviously the masses are oblivious – no brainer .  But double folly is awarded to  you who rush to awaken the sleeping masses, let them be I tell you – let them be ! I write of O.G. Alchemy which is the only way that is to basically remake the wheel of your axis – I’m sorry I mean REMAKE the axis itself which is tantamount to the first. The subconscious mind I am speaking of here – the M-F*ing SUB – the supreme social controller. It’s the get-free kill-switch placed by the society to run our asses. If it were like learning how to paint ( social order I mean ) where mixing of colors lighting and perspectives, styles – even art history were the matter –  no heat. The usual  refrain – the people are stupid they want to do what we the rulers are doing now we can’t have that can we ? So society wants not only to teach the techniques of painting ( rules regulations  ) – also it needs to control the subjects of interest of the artist himself ( see why artist are among the first murked by dictatorships – they might paint the wrong thing ) . Yes obey without question – do as we say not as we do – focus attention here not there never mind the fuckery being written in the periphery. And those who question just look – no name or  fame no respectability just outlaws – gangsters bad woman and men. Look I want not to feel what I feel when I see the  police but I can’t its engrained. SO many layers of subconscious bullsh*t kicks in. Because beneath it all we all know without saying the relationship . So at the roots of things when the fancy romantic notions of civilization are up-skirted we see insanity and barbarism but all so sub rosa-ish. You may or may not be astonished at the vulgar language used by the police and the police are here metaphor for many others – clergy politicians massa boss etc – all “perpetrators” of goodness ( yeah right ) . These tiring subconscious layers keep one in check and no need of effort on the part of the LAW is so much as hinted at. MFers start saying sh*t like that’s just the way it is OR they mistreated me because I am black. I detest that statement – it presupposes the act or fact of being at all is the fault ! MY even being is wrong WTF ? Now to see all this and keep pushing is O.G. sh*t but have we a choice – better to be aware than totally square to the game I say.  The alchemical process of the O.G. is ongoing. It is possible to teach children without destroying they’re inborn wonderment now. It is possible to protect them without fetters or making fear the axis. But alas we are ourselves scorched so for now we overreach with the necessary evil of imparting truth where in itself education makes us dull and naturally in droves the courageous rebels. It is the absurdity of being normal in an insane asylum the baseline is abnormality in itself so when people are said to be do gooders or wear the badge of honor as a law abiding citizens or even pious I say F you too – your just a b*tch ass slave aren’t you really . Now as I steep my tea and enjoy this moment in time …  SALUTE!

– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on February 19, 2013.

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