Service is godliness … ( mindfulness )

Since Thursday I have been FREED from the plantation so today Monday makes it 4 days ! How have I used these many days. In short, working on self – in keeping with “the way” it’s ongoing.  Have you observed it – if for fun you’ve stacked dominos like a tower. The taller  the more unstable they became, then every addition must be more perfectly placed or the whole thing caved. But that speaks of rigidity, I mean to point at another more basic observation I had. How easy it is to start tumbling down with the lowest effort. One can diet for months or even years and be right back over weight with a single day of a food binge.  Amazing isn’t it, the climber who nearly knows death scaling Everest for days and days at one point even backing down before finally reaching the summit – but the way down is lighting fast, a copter or the rope. So if we can but observe the nature of things – that what we have sacrifice for a moment at the expense of our well being – is negligible at best – and retarded at most. So I say working on self I have been. I am greatly blessed to be rebuilding a house that was water damaged. Its owned by my family so its mostly a labor of love but I don’t make that known. I’m working with my cousin and at the same time practicing “mindfulness” as he is skilled in construction I try to soak in as much game as possible . I try to preempt his next step by having the right tool needed ready at the exact time before he thinks to ask. We are usually not that aware in life there is no need – were just lost in thoughts a sea of useless wondering. It’s the perfect chance for me to give thanks for life which I don’t know may sound crazy to some. But true service is godliness what most often happens is quid pro quo.  Another thing is I get frustrated when I didn’t notice a problem that set us back a few steps while working on the house – its my opinion that becoming more aware is a sign of true growth I can honestly see why no reward is needed for one who offers his works to god – or the creator of what ever the F * real deep ish … SALUTE !

–          ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on February 19, 2013.

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