I see you

I rather be in the know – knowledge reigns supreme babe ! That’s the credo with a cherry on top ! The smirk might be because of the many wars I’ve won or just to offset the serious looks I pass on the streets. Since we are magnetic – people are always sending they’re miserable ass vibes into the air rich or poor – disapointment is the usual look. I rather be in the know – but not higher or lower than anyone just aware – to stay sleeping is on you. Along these lines I now go in. Let me send some vibes to the frustrated. Those of us who have grown – changed, cracked the shell if you like. You may have noticed that people don’t want to accept the newness. They call your name in the same way – with the same accusatory timbre a over a lifetime accustomed to. They want to keep you in that convenient box guilted and wilted. See the one who can condemn you has power over you is why the ministers go on guilting the world as sinners while offering the olive branch. If you accept the offer by which I refer to the condemnation you’re psychologically a ho – that’s the game. So be it , they themselves are psychologically crippled and can only propagate more misery into the world. So lets look at our frustration as mere unawareness, as once it is clear why – taking offence to the ignorant – it will immediately be let go. Word, life makes us numb, oblivious to the subtle We register mostly anger frustration and hurt – unwatchfully so . SALUTE

–          ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on February 21, 2013.

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