“Spirit of the SLEEPING giant”

Through “complacency” the giant in a stupor roars oblivious to the lit world . Present are his comforts – vivid dreams of nymphs  dancing only in colorful hues clad  before him and then the people upon his lightedness who were struck simply at  his presence. It was enough – little effort was put forth by him – what to do besides be admired for having fierce might – for having been born. Though not commonly a thing,  it happened before , an angry mob had tested his courage. It was foolish but mobs are such and with man his foolishness and his pridefullness hasn’t a ledge. The giant  uncoiled at them a great shadow as if the sun had risen from behind the great pyramids fell on the lot of them – they shrank then scattered on – like the b*tches they were ( had to add that ! ) . Besides this he rested near a river as life passed . The fishermen who at the time were returning with a bounty of the mullet fish that all giants enjoyed. It was common for them to leave a few on the bank where the fish were gutted at as a offering to god for blessing them or for the giant  – knowing or unknowingly. Once they had gone the few fish discarded would be his dinner. But why hadn’t he learned to fish for himself? Such is the contentedness of being known as great but having not to account for it. Even giants are idle by default until spurred. Perhaps it would be best born an elf as they are not considered. The potentially great bask in a cloud of latent power like the yet unborn who unwisely overstays its growth in the mother’s womb. The comforts of ease is just as a unsprouted seed – dispelled. SALUTE!

–          ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on February 24, 2013.

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