$3.20 – holy sh*t ?! @ McDonalds Frappe co$t

Today  my niece asks if I have a dollar I say I might – whose it for ? Of course who else but then she say’s do you have another dollar to go with it because of the tax – that’s  once I commit to the 1$ – she wanted a frappe from mc donalds . Now I know its junk but what to do ? Start preaching about it – better to live it. It winds up being 3 + $’s I wonder  is this starbucks or some sh*t . Not only that its junk no nutritional value wse ( what so ever ) but again – what to do.  Then she wan’t to somehow smuggle it onto the school bus because its THAT good – which caused some kids at the bus stop to have envy written on they’re faces – I’m sure that wasn’t her intent “i’m sure” . Moral is – GAME – you price something in relation to others noticeably more and thus the frappe effect.  Wowzers 3.20 next level ish … SALUTE

– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on February 25, 2013.

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