plantation GAME

Looking at the hiring pattern of my “boss” she seems to hire girls based on competition of beauty and dudes based on ego. The newest girl is a banger and only 18 totally beautiful and I notice that the most beautiful girl here is working more now. She was PREVIOUSLY the most beautiful and was content to let things slip through the cracks and use her looks to her advantage. Today the same day of the new girl who is JUST as pretty she is the most talkative / active  than I have ever seen her. I don’t think the boss is oblivious to this I think she does this on purpose to promote group competition.  I already had a petty conflict with a co worker because he wanted to compete with me for alpha male status -how better than to attack the black guy . I used paper rather than might to murk that fool made him quit but still I am noticing the way competition is stoked to increase workplace productivity – thats the GAME – no pressure.  SALUTE!

– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on February 26, 2013.

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