WTF – go in !

WTF – go in !

I se people – people who supposedly aim to get in better shape or loose weight or what ever. I see these same people and am confused. Not really confused but rather amiss. I mean you’re here running or exercising but all reserved and sh*t. Its as if some unwritten etiquette were adhered to while people went about. RARELY do I see anyone going-in.  We are so F*ing cultured and civilized as it were that even primitive things that the body is  made to do have been made into rigid calculated frailty of motion. I am heart broken really – I commended and salute those in motion I really do –  cus showing up accounts for a lot. But dam it Go-IN – stop fakin’ moves!

What I think is – people are actually all worried about what the people around them will think if they go mad about it. The beast within is forever being suppressed we don’t want to appear insane. Primal therapy my friends tap into the most primitive side of you and let go of culture don’t worry you wont go crazy its actually good for you – let the f go for a change don’t be always zombies – yell aloud unafraid  – yell fromo the  core of your being – live freedom WTF … SALUTE

–          ST

~ by BE LIKE WATER on March 14, 2013.

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