Whenrever possible drop the mind just unwind. Too too linked to the past are we and growing old before our time. I say to myself you’re a cool dude you run sh*t. You’re a silent killer part literal but really of ego. I can say in all honesty NOTHING has offended my pride today yesterday the day before or so forth. I haven’t had the urge to set the record straight with no one. On the other hand I have been having a time picking apart stupid b*tches . And since I – since I can remember have been dealt soft-hate its only right to show my gratitude right ? The circle thematic but in a good way it keeps one alert – alive. Where ever I have been since elementary schools the same pattern when dancing with the “establishment”. Now from detentions and suspensions to no pension or attention on the plantation well I’ll-be … But like I said in a good way I always knew I couldn’t be a loyal slave or even a disloyal slave “SLAVE “but because of circumstances, timing, I am here – born. One could wish to have been born in peace but if bombs are falling from heaven so much for that right ? I have sustenance love ones heart, and will I forge from only ground up metal a master key. SALUTE
– ST


~ by BE LIKE WATER on March 23, 2013.

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